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Network Transmission in Mine Application

More and more CCTV Surveillance and Network Communication Equipments are applied in small and medium-sized mine, in high requirement for safety in production, it has high standard for network data transmission, common network transmission way is fiber optic and Cat5 cable, but in mine, they have many limitation, the following limitations:

Fiber Optic Cable

1. Mine fiber optic cable can’t transmit power, need rewiring power cable

2. Fiber splicing in mine shaft is very complicated

3. Wiring and equipment installation can’t fit the well

4. Change equipment locations and quantity is very difficult

Cat5 Cable

1. Transmission distance is limited within100m

2. Cable cost is very high

Considering high standard requirement for network equipments in mine, so can use POE network devices, this device completely comply with Fire Code requirements, transmit power signal via cable, when detect POE Devices then supply power, reduce the possibility of exposed power cable to cause fire

Use 2-wire cable to transmit network signal, the use the same cable to transmit POE power signal, it can solve the problem of the network transmission in mine, there are a lot of 2-wire cables in mine, using POE Ethernet Extender can realize transmit network and POE signal up to 500~1000m.


Any 2-wire or coaxial cable

100Mbps Speed, Max distance up to 1,000m  

Support POE or 12VDC Power Output

No need any software, plug and play, easy installation

Cooperation with fiber optic communication, POE Ethernet Extender can realize middle long distance Ethernet and power transmission, solve the problem of Ethernet and power transmission in mine

POE Ethernet Extender Application Diagram in Mine