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IP Surveillance Upgrade in Shopping Center

CCTV surveillance in shopping center becomes more and more important now. It can ensure the normal order of the shopping center. Old video surveillance system all use analog cameras, which have narrow coverage, poor pictures and are not conducive to network management. All these disadvantages can not meet the requirements of environment now. Old analog system use coaxial cables to transmit signal. On these basis, some users install IP cameras to enhance the overall control efficiency. Generally, there are three kinds of IP transmission solutions as below:

Copper Cables Transmission: Twisted pairs adopt the hidden-burying way to wire. The transmission distance is limited within 100m. It is applied at the end of information centralized point that network equipments can reach.

Optical Fiber Transmission: This transmission solution has incomparable advantages, such as large bandwidth, long transmission distance and excellent anti-interference ability. In any bigger and farther systems, optical fiber transmission can be used to transmit network digital signal. But its disadvantages can not be ignored such as brittle, low mechanical strength, strict technical requirements and difficult wiring. As the main cables, they are applied from local side to each information centralized point.

Wireless Transmission: This transmission solution generally adopt microware or high-frequency electromagnet ware mode. Wireless transmission equipments in the highway are widely used, which has strict requirements on signal frequency band, power and lightning protection etc. These special wireless transmission equipments are needed to be supplied the stable and reliable power. If you use photovoltaic power and wind driven generator as supporting facilities, however, the equipments costs are very high.

To be honest, we can realize long distance network data transmission over coaxial cables. Our IP & Analog over Coax can transmit long distance network data transmission over existing coaxial cables.This device can simultaneously transmit analog and digital IP video signal over one single coaxial cable. Transmission distance is up to 500 meters via RG59 coaxial cable. The maximum bandwidth can reach 50Mbps. And the network data transmission is very stable. It is widely applied in CCTV to IP upgrading projects, railway, urban traffic and other security surveillance.

Connection Diagram

About IP Surveillance Upgrade in Shopping Center, IP&Analog over Coax can solve the problems as follow:

Plug and Play: IP&Analog over Coax use high-speed dedicated chip to deliver stable network digital signal. You have no need software.

Stable Rate: Whether the network rate is stable or not, it directly determines the quality of the network system. The network channel of IP&Analog over Coax always keep 50Mbps transmission rate. Moreover, the analog video signal is completely isolated from the network video signal to avoid signal interference.

Rapid Network Construction: We can transmit network data signals over existing coaxial cable. It is no need to make new wiring. You only need to add one pair IP&Analog over Coax. It is easy to install and save project time. Moreover, it can not delay shopping center normal business.

Low Cost: Because this network transmission solution requires no additional new cables, which eliminate a lot of wire and labor costs. The whole system costs become lower. The transmission distance can be up to 500m, which can accommodate large, very large shopping center application requirements.


IP&Analog over Coax Solution in Shopping Center

IP&Analog over Coax can be applied in varied network system construction and extension. It has low requirements on cables and installation so that it can be applicable for more environment requirements.