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POE Surveillance Solution in Hotel

Video surveillance in hotel is developing towards HD and network. The old analog system can’t meet new requirements of hotel management now. So IP video surveillance will become a big player in future. Modern Hotels have high requirements on fire control and wiring system usually use concealed line way. Supplying power is especially key point. IP surveillance solution with POE is very suitable for fire control requirements in the hotel. As we known, POE transmission via CAT5 has the distance limitation (Max 100m). So we offer this solution---Ethernet and POE over Coax for the POE signal extension.

This new device can transmit IP and Power signal via one coax cable. The Max distance can be up to 250m. This solution can completely meet the requirements of network system in the hotel by reasonable wiring and network construction.


◆ Transmit network signal + power (POE) over one coaxial cable

◆ Transmit 100 BaseT Full Duplex, stable Ethernet

◆ Max transmission distance up to 250m

◆ Easy installation, no debugging, plug and play

Simple Connection Diagram

Application Diagram in Hotel

Ethernet and POE over Coax can be applied in different kinds of POE network signal transmission systems and also applied in the existing coaxial system to transmit IP signal. Now this IP solution has been widely applied in different projects because of effective cost saving, shortening construction period and simple after-services.