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OT-SIP Office Building System Application

OT-SIP is a cost-effective IP transmission solution, which can use the existing coaxial cable to transmit IP camera signal up to 200 meters. It is widely applied in upgrading projects from analog into IP system.


In its old analog surveillance system, coaxial cable is used for video transmission up to several hundred meters, which don’t need to re-cable, only add OT-SIP on both ends of coaxial cable to realize transmission IP signal over coax cable. A single IP Camera has small bandwidth, the average video streaming range from 2Mbps to 6Mbps. So to install OT-SIP on both ends of coaxial cable can satisfy the smooth transmission of the video streaming.



Easy installation: No power supply required. Play and plug, no any setting. Any installer can use it, directly connect Cat5 and coaxial cable to the corresponding terminals.

Stable bandwidth: Using passive components, stable quality. It always offers network signal transmission within 10Mbps.

Saving time: Because of no re-cabling, project upgrading speed is more than 5 times than re-cabling.

Saving cost: For the old analog system renovation with re-cabling, the total cost of cable cost + labor cost + construction time + network switch cost is very high. However, using OT-SIP solution just needs less installers and shorten construction time. For a renovation project with 150 PCS cameras, comparing OT-SIP solution and the re-cabling solution, the output ratio of the cost is 1:8.


The diagram of office building IP system: